Uploading an image into your content

This tutorial covers any www.yourdrupal.com hosted site, but also is correct for most Drupal sites with other hosts.

If you would like to add an image in the middle of content, like this page, you will require Full HTML found in the "Input format" option directly below the body box where you would type in your content.

This will look somthing like this, depending on the theme you have:

If you do not have this option showing, your administrator may have it set up by default, or may not have it. The best way to test, if follow the rest of this tutorial, and when you press save, if your image shows up, you are allowed Full Html, and if not, its not supported, and you will need to contact your administrator.

Now you require the url to the image. If you have the image on another site, jot this down, and use it in the following code.


an example of an image url is

<a href="http://www.yourdrupal.com/themes/garland/logo.png" title="http://www.yourdrupal.com/themes/garland/logo.png">http://www.yourdrupal.com/themes/garland/logo.png</a>

if you do not already have the image hosted somewhere, and you are uploading the image to the Drupal site.

To do this your administrator must have activated the upload of attachments facility, which will add the option "File attachments" under the body section where you enter your content.

Initially when you expand the "File attachments" option it will look similar to this

you need to upload the image to the drupal system before adding it to your content. To do this, press the browse button, and find the image file you want to attach.
The maximum upload size is 1 MB. Only files with the following extensions may be uploaded: jpg jpeg gif png txt doc xls pdf ppt pps odt ods odp.

When you have chosen the image, it will display the path, or location of that file on your computer, in the "attach new file" box.

You must now press ATTACH - this will then upload the image. and display it in a list. Here is the list I have for this page BEFORE uploading this image.

Note the very small URL under each item. once the item is in this list, you can now add it to your content, using the code above.

Notes for the Administrator

For you or your users to upload images, or any other files to the site, you must activate the builtin "upload modual"

You can leave the upload modual deactivated, but your users will need to host the images elsewhere on other sites, and link to the images via your site.

Either way.. you will have to make sure Full HTML is supported for them to post images in their content.

Useing this content
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